Edit audio file

Start Position

Change the start position of the audio file

You can set minus values only if the fade-in position is greater than 0


You can set the reverb for the audio

You can select from 13 templates and adjust the value of the reverb

Fade-in position

Set the fade-in start position

If you set 30, playback starts from the 30 second position of the audio file

Implement fade-in by setting fade-in position and fade-in Duration

Fade-in duration

Set the fade-in duration

The initial value is 0

Fade out position

Set the audio fade out position

The initial value is the end time of the audio file

Fade out Duration

Set the fade-out duration

The initial value is 0


Equalizer can fine-tune the pitch


Set the maximum volume of audio file

The initial value is 100%